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Our first interview is with a an individual that spends all day on his feet, organizing, packing, and shipping large and heavy objects, Vick from Greenwich Village Mail Center!

This champions is the first to admit that his work is not easy on his muscles. Whether it’s the legs, the back, or the neck to go first - Vick and his team are left feeling tired, achy and sore at the end of each long day!

So, we decided to send in our relaxation experts and find out if we can make their days a little less strenuous, and help their muscles recuperate and refresh for the next day!



Name: Victor Estrada

Age: 34

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Occupation: Retail professional

Testing out:  Full Body Massage Pad   



How many hours per day do you spend on your feet?

Roughly 16 hours, but it feels like 45,000!


What’s the first muscle area to become achy, painful and sore?

Definitely my lower back – we’re lifting and moving heavy packages all day


Do you have a way to control or solve the problem? If so, what is it and does it work?

I could lose weight…I’m sure that would help a little bit. But right now, I don’t have any pain relief techniques that work for me.


What other techniques have you tried? Have any of them been costly?

I haven’t tried anything else. Everything seems too expensive. 


How does the Body Massage Pad feel?

Great! Oh wow…this is what I need!

Huge smile and head tilts back as he relaxes into the Body Massage Pad.


Do you think that this product can help reduce your discomfort and pain at work?

Absolutely – I would put this in my couch and I use it while I’m watching the game, playing some Xbox, or just relaxing.


What do you like most about the Body Massage Pad?

It gets everything – it’s getting my neck, my shoulders, my back, and my legs. It’s a full body massage. Thumbs up from this guy…[sits back and closes his eyes]


Thanks for sharing your experience, Vick! Enjoy that Body Massage Pad!

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