Sore back from yard work? Try the Litewave Back Stretcher and Litewave Back Stretcher - Elite Edition

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Summer days have everyone out in the garden. While it's excellent to be outside, yard work involved a lot of bending down and leaning over, which can lead to a very sore, tight back. With the Litewave Back Stretcher, you’ll feel instant relief. Three different incline levels allow you to extend the spine and restore natural alignment in the back. The Back Stretcher’s exclusive acupressure panel also helps relieve tight, aching muscles so you can recharge more quickly. The Elite model gives you the added benefit of a workout band, which can be used with the Back Stretcher for toning arms, shoulders and chest. Strengthen those arms for the next time you lift your watering can!

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The LiteWave Back Stretcher

The LiteWave Back Stretcher - Elite Edition

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