Save over 50% on the Orion Elite Neck Massager with Groupon

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Starting tomorrow, Groupon is offering an amazing deal on the Orion Elite Neck Massager. Buy this premium product for $69.99, $80 dollars below the product's value! This hands-free neck massaging cuff uses an infrared heating system to soothe tight muscles and ease tension in the neck. The Orion Elite Neck Massager has six vibration nodes and three levels of heat for a customized massage experience. You can select modes in five minute increments for up to 30 minutes to give your neck the massage it needs. Best of all, you can take the massager anywhere! There's a rechargeable battery and an AC adaptor included with the product. This Independence Day, give yourself or a loved one freedom from neck pain and soreness! 

Orion Elite Neck Massager on Groupon 




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