Last minute lightweight EZ presents!

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Looking for last-minute gifts or some reprieve from the chaos and stress of the holiday season? We have the perfect products for you!

EZ Abs

Give someone last minute gift of strength and relaxation. This compact, portable device delivers electronic impulses to abdominal, back, leg and shoulder muscles. The result is a unique combination of exercise and relaxation that can improve fatigue, ease tension and soreness, and build new strength. The six therapy modes and a dual channel operating system allow you to customize your experience.

EZ Two Pulse Massager

This is the perfect last-minute gift for a busy loved one. This lightweight handheld device delivers an incredible electronic stimulation massage to help relive joint and muscle aches and pains. The controller fits into most pockets, purses and briefcases, for use at home or on the go. The massager comes with two reusable adhesive pads, and delivers dual channel pulses to target the source of the pain and offer deep relief.

Lightwave Acupressure Wand

The Lightwave Acupressure wand is another wonderful way to ease tension, pain and soreness on the road, in the office, or at home. It’s perfect for minor headaches, neck and shoulder tension, sinus congestion, and back pain. Originally used by astronauts, the technology of the Lightwave Acupressure helps your brain release endorphins and put a stop to pain. Using a special “bio feedback” technology, the Lightwave Acupressure identifies the exact area to stimulate. All you have to do is turn it on, and apply it to the general area of discomfort!

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