Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion

  • $24.99
  • Save $10

The Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion helps alleviate back pain and improve poster by reducing the weight you put on your tailbone when you sit. By reducing pressure on your cervical spine, you will instantly add comfort to chairs, car seats, plane seats, wheelchairs etc. which will make sitting for long periods more comfortable. Our cervical support cushion is made with the highest quality memory foam and will not flatten out. The memory foam forms to the contour of your body, guaranteeing better posture and healthier spine alignment. Doctors recommend ergonomic memory foam seat cushions for people with tailbone injuries and pressure induced ulcers. Order your Ergonomic Memory Foam Seat Cushion and make sitting comfortable.
  • Doctor recommended for tailbone injuries and pressure ulcers
  • Take pressure off your tailbone
  • Ultra-Comfortable High Quality Memory Foam provides comfort and support at the same time