Liteaid Warranty Information

Warranties are offered on some of Liteaid's many products. To determine whether your product is covered by a Liteaid warranty, please check your user manual. 

To activate the warranty, contact our warranty team at

We require the following information in order to register your product with us.

1. Full Name
2. Product Name and Model Number
(The model number is the number that begins with LA-XX)
3. Purchase location
(Please provide us with the name of the company you purchased your Liteaid product from, this allows us to verify your information and keep adequate sales records)
4. Purchase date or proof of purchase
(Warranty sign-up must be within two weeks of purchase)

Please note: the Liteaid warranty covers only product defects and technical malfunctions. We cannot replace units that show visible damage or units that have been damaged, destroyed or lost by the customer. The Liteaid warranty is valid for 1 year from your warranty confirmation email. Liteaid is not responsible for replacing products purchased from non-licensed retailers.