Contoured PU Gel Seat Cushion

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  • Save $20

Do your lower back and butt get sore from sitting in a firm, uncomfortable chair all day? The Contoured PU Gel Seat Cushion solves that problem! The contoured Polyurethane Memory Foam supports your posture and lower lumbar region, while the Gel cools and soothes your muscles to keep you feeling fresh and focused!

Turn any seat into a supportive, cooling, and luxurious seat cushion with the amazing Contoured PU Gel Seat Cushion. With this amazing cushion, you can make dead legs, sore backs, and aching lumbar regions problems of the past!

• High-grade Polyurethane Memory Foam: 700g - Density: 50D
• Gel cools and soothes muscles leaving you feeling refreshed
• Contoured to support lower lumbar, butt and legs
Turns any chair into a luxurious and supportive seat
• Product size: 16.5 x 16 x 2 inches