Cozy Indoor/Outdoor Massaging Slippers
The incredible Cozy Indoor/Outdoor Massaging Slippers will keep your feet luxuriously warm and comfortable all day long!
The Cozy Slippers are made with a durable sole, allowing you wear the slippers while running errands, stepping into the back yard, or while walking around the home. With a relaxing vibration function, the heels and arches and balls of your feet will feel rejuvenated and refreshed after only a few minutes of vibration massage. The unisex Cozy Slipper are ideal for both men and women of all ages! The neutral earth-tone color mean that the slippers will look great with any outfit - whether you are in PJs, shorts, or jeans, you’ll look and feel great!
• Vibration massage function
• Unisex color and design
• Indoor/Outdoor sole allows you to wear the slippers
whenever and wherever you are
• Cozy fleece lining warms and comforts feet all day long