Electric Towel Warmer
Electric Towel Warmer Electric Towel Warmer

The Electric Towel Warmer has a beautiful brush chrome plate finish and aluminum frame that will that will add to the aesthetic of any household. The versatile warmer can be mounted on a wall, or left free standing, allowing you to fit in accordance with your preference and space. Designed to continually run on a small amount of energy, the Electric Towel Warmer can warm your socks, delicate under garments, blankets, sheets, or towels 24 hours a day. Capable of reaching optimal temperature in 30 minutes, the Electric Towel Warmer does not require any additional plumbing! Bring the spa to your home with the incredible Electric Towel Warmer!

- Comes with free-standing feet and wall mount
- Can run 24/hrs per day on little energy
- Reach optimum 122 F temperature in 30 minutes
- Comes with a 6 foot cord and plugs into standard adaptors