EZ Light-Up Cane
EZ Light-Up Cane EZ Light-Up Cane EZ Light-Up Cane

Never worry again about nighttime falls and injuries with the EZ Light-Up Cane. The ultra bright built-in Xenon bulb provides a comfortable 4 feet of light to ensure safe and secure walks in poorly lit areas. As the light illuminates your path, the padded ergonomic handle provides comfortable and reassuring support. 

Unintentional falls are the leading cause of injury amongst older men and women. In past years, early deaths cause by unintentional falls have risen sharply and quickly amongst seniors. The EZ Light-Up Can provides seniors with the support, comfort, and confidence to stay active. The EZ Light-Up Cane has an easy-to-find light switch on the handle. The aluminum and poly-carbonate make-up of the EZ Light-Up cane will provide enormous support and durability. 

  • No more nighttime injuries with an ultra bright path finding light
  • Walk safely and securely down stairs and poorly lit areas
  • Ultra-safe light diameter of 4 feet
  • Comfortably padded ergonomic support handle
  • Easy-to-find light switch on the padded handle
  • Useful and handy emergency light source