EZ Massage Glove

  • $19.99

Slip on the comfortable EZ Massage Glove and treat yourself or a partner to a world class massage, anytime, anyplace. The EZ Massage Glove includes 9 stainless steel beads, arranged in the optimum pattern for personal renewal. And now with a 360 degree rotating face, you'll have the power to massage every part of your body with ease.

Beads are well known in massage circles for their ability to relax and revive stressed or tired muscles and skin. The EZ Massage Glove can help to promote healthy blood circulation, resistance to fatigue and revived skin tone. With regular treatment, you'll look and feel more youthful than ever before!

 9 stainless steel massage beads
 Comfortable hand strap 
 Anti-corrosive plastic – use it in the shower!
• 360 degree rotating surface