EZ Nose & Ear Trimmer

  • $9.99
  • Save $15

The incredible no-pull EZ Nose & Ear Trimmer will trim unattractive hairs with the touch of a button. The pocket-sized trimmer is ideal for use in the shower, while shaving, or even while traveling! You can conveniently carry the EZ Nose & Ear Trimmer in your toiletry case to ensure that you will look your best while on business trips and vacations.

The advanced cutting system of the EZ Nose & Ear trimmer targets even the finest stray hairs. The accuracy of the trimmer allows you to also shape your hairline and facial hair. Equipped with a protective cap, you’ll be able to take the EZ Nose & Ear Trimmer with you wherever you go!

• Targets fine strands of hair easily
• Ideal for wet or dry use
• Shapes facial hair and hairlines
• Protective cap included for safe and convenient travel
• Battery operated with one AA battery