Hot and Cold Pet Bed- Medium

The Hot & Cold Pet Bed is the most versatile pet bed available today. Utilizing advanced heat transfer technology, pet owners can now protect and comfort their pet in the sweltering and freezing months. The Hot & Cold Pet Bed features a proprietary gel pack which, when microwaved or frozen, transfers warmth or cold slowly over a period of four hours. And while many temperature-controlling pet beds require plugs or batteries, the Hot & Cold Pet Bed is completely electricity-free and safe!

The Hot & Cold Pet Bed gives young pets a calming sense of security while mature pets will experience relief from arthritic joints and sore muscles. And most importantly, it protects pets from extreme temperatures, saving you hundreds of dollars in potential vet bills. A high density fabric core creates a foundation for complete support.

 • Protect your pet from the extremes!

 • Advanced heat transfer technology

 • High-density, comfortable fabric core

 • Great for vulnerable young and old pets

 • Ultra safe - no cords or batteries required!