Hot and Cool Wrist Gel Wrap

Wrist, elbow, and joint pain can cause immense discomfort throughout the day. Daily chores such as exercise, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and writing can become painful and difficult tasks! The incredible Hot and Cold Wrist Wrap soothes and comforts swollen, achy joints to help relieve pain and discomfort! Both microwavable and freezable, the Hot and Cold Wrist Wraps employs Cold Gel to comfort bruises and sore wrists, while the Heated Gel helps loosen stiff and tight muscles, leaving your wrists, elbows, and other joints feeling refreshed, and comforted.

  • Re-usable gel beads conform to bodily shape and effectively cool or heat sore wrists, elbows and other joints
  • Microwavable and Freezable for quick and convenient use
  • Stretch-fit band fits most