PU Gel Memory Foam Cylinder Cushion

  • $89.99
  • Save $40

The cool comfort of PU Gel Memory Foam finally meets spinal support of a cylindrical cushion. The high- density memory foam provides the ultimate luxurious cushion for a great nights sleep. The high-quality material retains it’s shape use after use, letting you make the most of your night to wake up refreshed and revived. An extra-layer of PU Gel cools and disinfects on even the hottest of nights. The cylindrical shape gently cushions your neck to support your head and spine while you sleep. The versatile cushion also easily converts into a leg elevation cushion – allowing you to experience the health benefits of increased circulation and muscle relaxation. Whether you need spine or leg support, the cushion works perfectly with any lifestyle.
• High-density 5 pound memory foam
• PU Gel cools and disinfects
• Cylindrical shape perfect for back and neck support
• Perfect for leg and foot elevation