Sanitizing Knife Cleaner

The UV Sanitizing Knife Holder allows you to keep your knives germ and bacteria-free while easily accessible. The 254 nanometers of lightwaves work to destroy all micro-organisms that can be easily left behind after you wash your knives. Within 20 minutes, the UV Sanitizing Knife Holder destroys 99% of all germs, viruses and other microbes on your kitchen knives, preventing you from contaminating your everyday food.Equipped with a UV-C lightbulb rated for 5000 hours of use, the UV Sanitizing Knife Holder allows you to deep clean your knives and protect your family from the spread of germs. It’s noise-free, safe, and easy to use!

  • Hold up to 10 knives and a pair of scissors
  • Magnet on both sides to keep knives in place
  • One touch operating button
  • Safety control sensor